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Kid’s Garden Maastricht was established in 2019. The nursery is the first bilingual school in the Netherlands to follow the Fomento education programme. 


The Fomento Education Group is a global organisation that was founded in 1963 by a group of parents and educators. They saw a need for schools to focus on professional knowledge transfer while also teaching children how to develop into balanced and responsible citizens. The family and parents’ involvement and cooperation are essential in this programme. 


Fomento has 35 schools with more than 23,000 pupils and is in contact with over 16,000 families. Fomento also advises 250 partners in 28 countries regarding initiatives within the field of education.In 1998, Fomento started focusing on bilingual childcare and the pedagogical project “Optimist” was born. The INVOKI foundation (Integral Training of the Child) in the Netherlands aims to offer education based on Fomento Education Group’s projects such as Optimist. As a result, the INVOKI Foundation started the first multilingual daycare centre called Kid's Garden in 2019.


Kid's Garden has two groups, the 0 to 2 and the 2 to 4 year olds. Children who will soon be attending primary school can participate in a 3-plus programme.We  follow the Optimist programme where play is the main method of learning.

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About Kid's Garden

Children develop at lightning speed,  especially in their early years. We have an ambition to provide them with optimal guidance. Through our educational approach we lay down the foundation in cooperation with the parents.


Children have a natural urge for self-development. Kid's Garden supports every child, helping them develop habits that are fundamental to subsequent phases. We also bring them into contact with another language at an early age. Our Dutch-speaking nursery is ideal for those who want their child to have a playful introduction to either English. 


 We offer an environment of security, warmth and trust that promotes the self-esteem of the child.


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Kid's Garden Maastricht | Our team

Our Team

Our team is composed of experienced professionals who are young, energetic, and willing to further develop with the Fomento programme.

Vacancies | Team work


We are always looking for new colleagues to join our energetic team and help with the children’s daily development. Find out more about our vacancies.

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Our Programme

At Kid’s Garden Maastricht, we follow the Optimist Project which is a unique pedagogical-didactic programme for children up to 4 years old. 

Kid's Garden Maastricht | Toddler playing with toys

The pedagogical vision of Fomento was inspired by a Catholic vision of life.


At Kid’s Garden we aim to lay a solid foundation for the child to develop into a well-balanced, free person who is able to make responsible choices. This way of teaching nurtures an atmosphere of open and sincere communication. The child is guided in a constructive and positive way while free to actively think along and present his/her own examples of kindness, patience, responsibility, etc. We also give examples like, 'kindness can be shown by asking others to play with you' or 'if you have to wait for your turn you need patience'. 


It is important to note that your child will benefit greatly from a good cooperation between parents, staff and management. The family’s involvement and support is crucial in this programme.

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