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 Welcome to Kid’s Garden Maastricht

An innovative, Dutch-speaking daycare center where children can learn English in a playful way.

As parents, finding the right kindergarten is the first of many important decisions. At Kid’s Garden, we use learning techniques that help you raise confident and joyful children. Find out more about our program.

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Why Kid’s Garden?
Kid's Garden Maastricht | Playground

Parent-Teacher Cooperation

Together we can positively shape your child’s day-to-day life. In order to build a solid foundation for your child’s future, parents and teachers must cooperate and share the same educational principles.

Kid's Garden Maastricht | Two children playing

Playful and Innovative

We follow Fomento's Optimist programme, which stimulates creativity and enthusiasm in children. This method takes the child’s development, his way of being and his (or her) desire for happiness into account while helping them develop good habits.

Kid's Garden Maastricht | A boy with an apple

Healthy Food and Healthy Habits

At Kid’s Garden we try to create the first healthy eating habits that are beneficial to your child's development. As much as possible, we provide freshly prepared and organic snacks and meals.

Kid's Garden Maastricht | colours, pens, pencils, highlighters and eraser

Second language 

Kid's Garden is a Dutch-speaking nursery where children have the option to learn English in a playful way.

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